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Account Updater is a service that facilitates and encourages customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty by exchanging updated account information between participating merchants and card Issuers.

For Merchants with monthly, quarterly or annual membership subscriptions it can be very costly and time consuming to manage payment declines due to expired or lost cards. The process of  contacting customers for new information is an added administrative cost and many times yield no response. Additionally, adding a card on file is becoming increasingly popular, as Customers return to same Merchant locations for repeat purchases. Account Updater is a game changer in both these situation!


  • Increase authorization approvals – with card information updated monthly, you can avoid unnecessary payment declines, interruptions, and the cost associated with contacting customers for new information.

Improve customer retention and loyalty

  • Reduce the customer friction caused by payment disruptions or the need for manual updates, minimizing the risk of cancellation or non-payment.

No update? No extra charge

  • You only pay per update, and over time your savings should far outweigh the costs. On average, 20-35 percent of cards update in the first month, followed by 7-8 percent each month after.

Easy and accessible reports

  • View a summary of which cards were updated and why, and whether the account was closed. For your convenience, you can view these reports in the Merchant Interface or using the API query. You can also set up an email notification.

How does Account Updater work?

  1. Our Gateway submits information for verification
  2. The processor forwards information to the network (Visa, MasterCard)
  3. Over several days, the network sends available information back to Processor – Processor collects information for each MID
  4. The processor creates a response file or files with all the complete information and posts to a secure location
  5. Our Gateway picks up the file(s) and updates the information in the Customer Vault (this is where cards are stored)
  6. Our Gateway sends an email notification to the merchant


Card Automatically Updated Card was updated and will be valid going forward. Includes both updated Credit Cards or Expiration Dates Only
Card Automatically Updated – Contact CustomerThere is an update on the card, but Automatic Card Updater cannot access the updated information. This is most often because the customer has requested the updated information to be blocked from access by merchants.
Card Automatically Updated – Closed AccountThis card was closed by the cardholder, and there is no updated information to be pulled.

Implementing Account Updater will increase your revenue by reducing disruptions and improving billing. Get started today!

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