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Frequently Asked Questions

Which processors can I connect to?

TSYS, First Data, Worldpay, Elavon, WireCard and Payon and more.

Can I get a new POS Terminal from PPO and what kind?

Yes! But our list is too large to post here. Let us know what your needs are, and we will recommend something.

Is my POS software compatible?

Generally, we can connect any open source software to one of our Gateways. There are some POS softwares that are restricted to certain Merchant Service Providers. Ask us and we will find out!

How quickly can I receive my funds?

Depending on the business, Next Day or 48-72 hour funding is approved.  For select solutions a Same Day funding available using FastAccess Funding. Merchant can link their Bank Account debit card and receive deposits same day for a surcharge of 1%. *Only available for deposits <$15,000.00

Do you pick up the phone or respond to email if I need help?

Yes! We will not transfer you to 5 different departments, only to receive an answer that makes no sense and leading to another 5 questions. Emails are responded to same day and if not, within 24 hours.

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