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credit & Debit Card Programs

Premier Payments Online provides merchants with direct contractual relationships through our network of acquiring banks. Funding payments are made directly from the banks to the merchants. Any reserve funds (if necessary) are held directly at the bank – Premier Payments Online never touches our merchants’ money. As a Premier Payments

Online customer you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your money is safe.

Of course, if you prefer, Premier Payments Online also offers a number of aggregation/e-wallet solutions.

For merchants requiring international processing, our customer service specialists can assist with the entire process, including establishing international corporations.


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Retail & Mobile

PPO offers a wide variety of services and products for Retail and Mobile Payments.

  • Verifone, Hypercom, Nurit, MagTek and private labeled terminals and pin pads available
  • Wireless terminals and cell phone terminals available
  • Even small, on-the-go merchants can benefit from the stability and security of a professional point of sale device

    Cell phones have become a necessity in today’s world – there are over 385 million cell phones in use across the country. PPO Mobile taps into this modern resource, putting the power of payments directly into your merchant’s phone. By enhancing a device that they already own, merchants can easily get the payment processing power they need for their business at a fraction of the cost.

    PPO Mobile is a versatile payment application with no limits:

    • Works on most smartphone operating systems.
    • Does not require a specific wireless provider to operate.
    • Dynamic application works on any smartphone.

    Simply download the application to the merchant’s phone, activate their account and they are ready to begin accepting credit cards.

    Target Markets: On-the-Go Merchants

    Merchants that do business remotely
    Merchants that do business in the customer’s home
    -Contractors, House Cleaners, Repairmen, Lawn Care, Cosmetic Sales, Home Interiors, Vacuum Sales



PPO offers a wide variety of services and gateways for E-Commerce merchants.

  • Strategic partnerships with multiple gateways including PPO Stream, our in-house gateway
  • Fraud scrubbing tools and PCI Compliance
  • Chargeback management services


PPO offers a wide variety of services for merchants coded High-Risk.