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Payment Processing Comparison

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September 21st, 2020

  1. Download the Visa USA Interchange Reimbursement Fees 2. Excluding Travel Industry 3. Commercial Card Optimization

Basics of the Surcharge

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September 15th, 2020

What Is A Surcharge? You may have heard a lot about surcharging recently as it is becoming a popular option for merchants of all sizes. So what are the most…

Payment Processing Basics for Entrepreneurs

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August 10th, 2020

Payment Processing Need-to Know’s for Entrepreneurs Starting a new company is tough; entrepreneurs need to determine the market for their product or service, how to market it, and who to…

PayFac vs Payment Processor

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June 26th, 2020

Square has been one of the most disruptive technology companies in the past decade, yet they recently caught the media’s attention for the wrong reason. Since the start of COVID-19,…

Talech on Moby and Poynt Smart Terminals!

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June 19th, 2020

Talech is a cloud-based point of sale solution designed to help your business simplify operations and uncover insights. In a previous blog we spoke about the talech software’s online ordering…

Get Your Money Faster With True Daily Funding!

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June 16th, 2020

What business wouldn’t benefit from receiving their funding quicker? About two thirds of small businesses said that the timing of their funding had the largest impact on their cash flow….

Online Ordering & Delivery Strategy during COVID-19

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June 12th, 2020

​​Did you ever imagine placing a take-out food order a week in advance prior to actually picking it up? COVID-19 caught everybody by surprise, especially the restaurant industry. As restaurants…

Commercial Card Optimization

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June 9th, 2020

Drive lower costs through the power of data! Nowadays businesses use data in all types of ways to their benefit. Why not have one of these ways be to save…

Increase revenue and eliminate administrative costs!

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May 4th, 2020

Account Updater is a service that facilitates and encourages customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty by exchanging updated account information between participating merchants and card Issuers. For Merchants with monthly, quarterly or annual…

VISA regulation updates for Trial subscriptions

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April 8th, 2020

Offering a trial subscription to Customers can be a very successful marketing strategy, but has also proven to generate a high number of customer complaints and chargebacks. In an attempt…