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MDRI – MasterCard Dispute Resolution Initiative

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August 15th, 2019

MasterCard started their efforts in October 2018 to make some changes to their chargeback process to simplify and speed up disputes. Some of these changes included: First Phase: Requiring Issuers…

Stay on top of changes to VISA Chargeback and Fraud Monitoring Programs

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May 12th, 2019

The Card brands continues to make changes to its risk monitoring programs, and most recently VISA announced plans to toughen qualifying thresholds for the Visa Chargeback Monitoring (VCMP), and Visa…

Meet us at Transact, the biggest networking event of the year!

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April 27th, 2019

Premier Payments Online is attending ETA next week and looking forward meeting our partners, and to network with industry professionals to discuss and learn more about new technology and developments…

New guidelines and requirements for Nutraceutical Merchants

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April 5th, 2019

The Nutraceutical Industry has faced some increased scrutiny in the last couple years, and the card brands continue to implement new requirements for Acquirers and ISO’s providing processing services to…

CC Surcharging and your First Amendment rights!

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March 25th, 2019

Credit card surcharging has recently become a hot topic in the merchant services industry. When James Madison sat down to write the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, was he…