Get Your Money Faster With True Daily Funding!

What business wouldn’t benefit from receiving their funding quicker? About two thirds of small businesses said that the timing of their funding had the largest impact on their cash flow. With True Daily Funding businesses can receive funding as soon as an hour and a half after processing their credit card batch. This applies to all batch files under $100,000! Below is a chart that breaks down the different funding methods currently available.

True Daily Funding is built for businesses that close later than 10 PM, such as bars and restaurants as it will allow them to receive their funding the same day they process their credit card batch. Any business that does large volumes of business on the Weekends or Holidays will no longer have to wait up to 4 days to receive their funding.

True Daily Funding is now available because of the establishment of the RTP (Real Time Payments) network. To be eligible for True Daily Funding the business will need to bank with an institution that is using the RTP network. Currently 50% of banks are utilizing the RTP network and you can view them here.

Expedited cash flow will allow businesses to manage payroll, access B2B Invoice discounts through trade credits, pay utility bills and any unexpected expenses. Stop waiting for your money and contact Premier Payments Online today to access True Daily Funding!